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Luxury Scented - Hand Poured - Soy Wax

Our story began when we moved into our own place and discovered an obsession with scented candles. One in each room was simply not enough. Unfortunately the quality of our new found love did not always live up to expectation. 


Every month it would seem our budget for candles would grow. The brand of candle would change every so often, because we would find an amazing smelling candle in a shop, take it home, light it but not be able to smell it once it was lit. Then, when finally all the stars align, your prayers are answered and you do find a candle that you like, you're in luck... it's available in purple and neon green!


A large portion of candles would also burn unevenly causing tunnelling and increase in wax wastage, this was Sodiq’s biggest pet peeve as it was literally money going to waste.


​After doing some research as we slowly started to become candle connoisseurs;

We found the surprisingly common use of paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, emitting harmful vapours when burning, this was disappointing to learn we were actually harming our home environment by burning these candles.

It was at this stage that Sodiq put Stacey on a candle buying ban after a few months went past and we had blown the best part of £300 on candles...oops!

Stacey had to get creative, so bought a candle making kit to see if she could do better than what we had been seeing on the market...


So Here We Are...


After months of testing, smelling and testing again to ensure the best possible experience is brought to your home. We're proud to bring to you, SJ Scents Co. 

All of our candles are made using 100% Soy Wax, we chose Soy as it is a natural eco-friendly wax made using soybeans. It gives a clean burn, meaning it doesn't release toxins and burns on average 40-50% longer than paraffin wax, meaning your candles will last even longer for you to enjoy.

We hand pour all of our candles in small batches with care and all of our ingredients are vegan friendly and ethically sourced.

We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you!

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